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Yet Another Query Tool  v.0.9.1

Yet Another Query Tool is a small, easy to use, Java based tool specially designed to offer you a simple SQL query tool that allows to connect to SQL servers and MDB files, basic commands are supported at the moment. Others are added on need basis.

Active Query Tool  v.

A handy tool to build & run SQL queries and work with data Active Query Tool is an easy-to-use graphical utility designed for all database developers and users. Active Query Tool allows you to build queries on different database servers without

DHCP Query Tool

DHCP Query Tool enables you to avoid wasting several days or even longer to pick up all computers in a network via the network scanning functions. With DHCP query tool, LAN administrators can directly search MAC addresses, IP addresses, etc. from

CLeWMI - Command Line WMI query tool  v.1.4

CLeWMI (pronounced "clue me") is a Command Line WMI query tool. It's written in perl, for Windows. It allows dynamic querying of WMI from a command line. Works on Window NT, 2000, 2003, and XP. Stand alone executable

IJSQL Sql/Metadata Query Tool  v.1.0

A console-based (Swing gui also in the future ...) interactive db query tool written in Java/JDBC. It goes beyond the typical tools by introducing a SQL-like metadata query language that allows interactive querying of DatabaseMetaData and

Perl Interactive Query Tool  v.0.29

An interactive query tool using the Perl DBI databse interface. Provides online help, optional ReadLine support, simple scripting abilities and easy

TheQTool - half life query tool  v.0.1.6

A query tool for half life game server admins. Can query Source and GoldSource game servers. Supports split packet and compressed (bzip2) packet handling. Updated to support latest HL1 protocol48

Java Database Query Tool  v.0.1.1

This project is a 3-tier Database Query Tool to written in java. The GUI client presents the user with an interface to enter text SQL Queries and view the results. The query server relays requests to the database and formats the response.

Simple Perl/Tk MySQL Query Tool  v.1.0

Cross-platform MySQL query tool that allows users to query a MySQL database in a simple but efficient GUI.Includes fetures such as multiple queries and execution only of markedcode snippet.Written in Perl/Tk

HCP Metadata Query Tool  v.1.0

'HCP Metadata Query Tool' is a GUI-based application that allows to run queries against HCP's Metadata Query Engine. It is restricted to operation-based queries, which reflect the creation and deletion of objects within HCP. It generates a ...

PostgreSQL database query tool  v.0.0.1

PgQuery is an interactive GUI tool for querying PostgreSQL databases. After connecting to a database server you can open views and tables, send custom sql statements, export the result to CSV (local file) or send it to KSpread to open it as a

MonoQL - MySQL Admin & MySQL Query Tool  v.0.5.20110303

MonoQL is an AJAX web application to manage MySQL databases. MonoQL will provide all major features of phpMyAdmin for MySQL, including database & table design, data browsing & editing, advanced querying & more. MySQL 4+, MySQL 5+ and MySQL 6+

XPlug Game Query Tool  v.1.2.6

XPlug is currently an ActiveX control written in VB6 that can connect to several different game servers to display the current players, rules, map, and even the viewer's ping to the server on a web page. See the Home page for

Mammalian Promter Database Query Tool  v.1.0

This project is to develop a set of software modules to be used to develop a Mammalian Promtoer Database system. Such databases contain information about the gene regulatory region annotation data

SYNTHESYS NA-D 1.6 Generic Query Tool  v.1.0

A background mediator/translator service for biological exchange protocols (TAPIR, DiGIR, BioCase). Address online biological data servers in a generic way. More information on :

AdHocQ  v.1.8

Simple ad hoc query tool for database reports - build up your ad hoc query in steps, through a wizard-style interface. Supports MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer. AdHocQ - Business Intelligence Made Easy.System Requirements: .Net Framework 3.5 or

Free Lepide Active Directory Query  v.10.12.01

Free Lepide Active Directory Query software is the most effective product that can assist you in storing and managing the user information right on your finger-tips. Perhaps, this is a simple Active Directory query tool that has got the exceptional

Query ExPlus  v.

Database Query Tool - MS Query Analyzer look-alike.

Chily Active Directory Query  v.9.09.01

Chily Active Directory Query tool displays indepth detailed information of objects saved by the user in the Active Directory. Being a user friendly and simple to use tool, Chily Active Directory Query utility acts as per the Active Directory query

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